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Major player in cybersecurity
in MENA region

Major player in cybersecurity in MENA region, with valuable expertise in setting-up cyber defense programs covering strategic, tactical and operational levels.
Keystone intervenes in the preventive, proactive and response aspects by offering a complete service list for multiple industries. Our expertise and our long experience is ensured by our internationally renowned experts.
keystone Team brings together cybersecurity specialists to support business in their digital development and digital transformation.

Keystone is committed to reversing this trend by helping its customers understand the threats to their information systems and how to respond to them and protect them.

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Keystone target

Covered Industries


Financial institutions hold vast quantities of high value information, including client data, banking records, proprietary research and trading algorithms, which is at constant risk of being compromised.


Rapid digitization has created a mounting range of security challenges for telecom operators that manage infrastructure, products and services over several technologies. Protecting customers’ personal data must be a priority.


To avoid threats to public services and state security, local and central government must ensure that comprehensive cyber security controls and procedures are in place to provide protection against malicious actors.


Organisations in the healthcare sector process huge amounts of sensitive patient and employee information and it is essential they have the right cyber security controls in place to protect systems and data from being compromised.


The dependency of today’s digitised and interconnected global economies on the energy sector has made it an attractive target for cybercriminals, so protecting providers of essential services is of paramount importance.


The manufacturing sector is now the UK’s third most heavily targeted industry by cybercriminals, but organisations within the sector are among the least well prepared to defend themselves. It is essential manufacturers move quickly to mitigate these risks.
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